Agbannawag, panagbanatabat iti daya, panagtataraok dagiti manok.


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sonnet written late

Night's late but brief bed wands me to sleep
While wind retires to its low dying notes
The dripping dew to the ground it seeps
White moonbeams hide from tanless cloud remote.

I think of you, your face in calm prelude
To a smile suspended in silenced eyes
That beat the breedless bed to solitude
To read the truth bared best in sinless lies.

One moment to violate calm sanctity
And show heart's hurt beneath my pagan flesh
To offer you love's muddied purity
In lieu of youthful, lonely loveliness!

Here are my weepless wounds of love to feel
With just the touch of your heart that heals!

(romantiko a daniw ngem nakalagipak a nangisurat iti daytoy kas panangtungpal iti maysa a kari ken panangikari iti pannakatungpal)


  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger ariel said…

    dear joel:
    so well done, well done. come on, give us some more.
    manong ariel.


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